Please just be genuine.


Can I tell you something?
Within the past couple of months, I've really learned how much I appreciate the company and friendship of people who are genuine. 
I think it's a shame that many of those people don't realize the impact that their Spirits have on the rest of us. It's times like these for me, when times are a lot different than they've ever been, that you find out who your true friends are, and the kind of people you want, and need, to be better friends with. 

Please, click around and allow yourself to be inspired by a few of my favorite genuines and friends, and let your heart feel cozy.

Laura. For being younger than me, but knowing and understanding so much more about the important things in life than I do. Every.single.time I talk to this girl, or read one of her blog posts, or see a candid picture of her even, I gain a deeper understanding of how beautiful the world can be, if you so choose to allow it to be. This girl has her head on dang straight. She knows exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. ALSO, just when you need comforting words the most, she will tell you that she prays for you, remind you that you are strong and that you know yourself well enough to know what you can do. And the thing is. I don't doubt a single word of it when it comes from Laura Cottrell. She holds true to the meaning of genuine in every way.

Krista. I can't even tell you how excited I was when Matthew told me that one of his best friends Drew (who was still on his mission at the time) was writing our friend J-Salt's little sister. Why was I so excited? Because Matthew wants to live by Drew for the rest of his life, and if that's the case, I could tottttally handle hanging out with this girl while those boys do boy stuff during the next 50 years. She's incredibly beautiful inside and out. Just even take a glance at her Facebook page and you'll be able to tell that she is REAL. real, real, real. love it.

Robin. (Not that you're going to find an updated blog post from her...) but still. I can't even begin to tell you what this girl has meant to me throughout the years, and especially lately. She was one of my first friends after moving from St. George, and our friendship has just grown ever since. But she waited for her missionary (who just got home a couple of weeks ago!) and going through the same thing at the same time was so awesome. The day Matthew left, do you want to know who was there first thing, Kleenex, magazines, and Gossip Girl in hand? Robin. Who doesn't care if I randomly start crying while we're hanging out? Robin. Whose there to go see all the new movies with me? Robin. I'm not even kidding you guys. Friendship at it's finest. She is one of the few friends in life that cares no matter what. 

And real quick, because this is getting so long: 
Mikelle Pyne, for texting me and checking up on me all the time.
Ashley Remund, for still being my long distance best friend, even after all these years, and for rooting for me and Matthew like no other.
And of course, my whole entire family for being my very best friends in the world. But that goes without saying...

Oh, you guys. Being genuine is so important. People can tell, you know, whether you're genuine or not; whether you TRULY care about them or not. It's about being a good friend, even when it might not be the most convenient time. It's sometimes about sacrifice. Visiting your friend, just because you know they need a pick-me-up. I can't tell you how much of this special kind of friendship I've seen from people that I didn't even expect it from, and honestly how little from friends I thought I was closer with. Be a better friend tomorrow than you were today. Be more real. Inspire people. Just do it. I love these people, and so many more who are so supportive every single day. 

I mean... you know? It's HUGE.

p.s. In case you were wondering, Matthew is doing great on his mission. :) I declare him the best missionary out there! He was just made a trainer on his 3rd transfer and he says he's learning so much. And he's almost to his 6 month mark!! He may or may not have approx. 568 days left....

p.p.s I'm wanting to make more videos like crazy, plus I'd really like to build my portfolio! If you would like a complimentary video shoot with your lover, your family, promotional video for your business, a documentary on your Grandpa, anything. You just let me know. Hit me up. like now. Go. Ok.


  1. all this coming from the most genuine girl alive. you are lovely.

  2. made my whole entire month. thank you so much! you are the most genuine and wonderful girl in the world.

  3. You are so darling. Hooray for 6 month mark coming up!!!!! :-)

    Also, we would love to help you build your portfolio. You've got some serious talent. Seriously. :-)

    1. Ohhh my heck. I can't even tell you how much I'd love to get your precious Ellie on video with you two! I will be in contact with you shortly. :)

  4. i just read this and WOW I LOVE YOU.

  5. Too bad you live so far away! I'd love a video of my little boy! And I can't believe it's already been almost 6 months. Awesome!