The one where the world meets Kenzie.


Apparently my brother reads my blog.
And when he saw that I hadn't posted any pictures of him and his woman from the weekend,
he was upset. 
Yes, yes, you're right. He DID tell me NOT to. 
"I just meant on Facebook, Kalynn."

And then he proceeded to invite (force) me to dedicate a blog post to him and her.

These are the only pictures I got of them. 
Not that she doesn't look good in this picture, but they really don't do her justice.
She is seriously so pretty. 
The wind was just blowing here and it was awkward.
But I really like her, and I know you will too.

p.s. Adam's fish was smaller than mine. 

p.p.s. Matthew wants me to let you know that he also caught a really big fish, 
and it was only captured on Jon's phone because my camera died, or else it would be pictured here.

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