The one about being a grown up.


I really like coloring with crayons. You know what else I really like? SpongeBob-shaped Mac&Cheese, cutting my PB&J's in cookie-cutter shapes, sandboxes, and finger paint.

Why do I bring that up? Because some people can't handle that. Well guess what: alongside my 5 year-old love for life, I (mostly) financially provide for myself, pay bills, cook dinners, do well in school, and try my best to bolster forth with a positive attitude. Yeah, I act childish. I'm 19; not 61. I hate when people expect me to put on my pearls, cross my legs, and sip my tea Shirley Temples with my pinky in the air. (I'm also not British - har, har, har.) Life's too short to spend it acting like you're overwhelmed with responsibilities. We all have them.

Point being: I am me. Kalynn Petersen. Take it or leave it. Au revior.

p.s. I've asked for a trip to Disneyland for my birthday. Take that.

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  1. i like this :) and i couldn't agree more.
    i still drink capri suns (daily)