The one about Thursday's Hero with the BYU football team.


Did you guys know that every Thursday the BYU football team celebrates a "Thursday's Hero"?
They nominate special needs ladies and gents and then they get together and celebrate them.
It is the sweetest thing ever. 
One of our family's close friends is Rory Eyring. He used to work with Nathan, but he had to quit because he is now the BYU football team's go-to guy for if they get hurt on the field at practice or a game. You may or may not have seen him on TV. 
He nominated Nathan to be a Thursday's Hero.
Let me tell you a little bit about this privilege.
First we all toured the student activities building, looked around Coach Mendenhall's office, sat in his chair.


We watched the short video about Nathan that the football team got to watch to learn about Nathan and his life.
Then we watched about an hour of football practice, and then the guys came over to meet Nathan.
It was so adorable.
They just all started clapping for him and giving him presents. 
Nathan got BYU stickers, hats, shirts, posters, flags...they spoiled him.

But I know that Nathan completely loved it. It was so cute seeing those big football boys getting all 
excited for Nathan. I'm really glad that he got to experience that.

The thing is, Nathan really is a hero

You can catch family interview and see the whole thing on Monday at 6:00 or 9:00 in the evening on the BYU channel. :)


  1. This is so touching. Thanks for posting this, Kay.

  2. oh this gave me the chills. :) sooooo cute.