These last couple weeks I've been happier than I can remember being in a long time. For me, I feel like that's really saying something, because I try to give happiness an honest effort every single day. I have a strong belief that happiness can be a choice when it isn't coming easily. But I've just been having the kind of days where I wake up happy and don't even have to try to be. It's a relieving feeling! 

These feelings have had me doing some self-reflecting. I'm trying to think about how I act and how I treat people. Does anyone else have a hard time treating their family as well as they should?! I don't know why I have this problem. I can be the happiest, most joyful and kind person to pretty much anyone, and then I sort of let that go easily when I'm around my family members. 

It's something I'm working on, because my family members are honestly my best friends. They're always thinking about me, and they don't let me forget it. I've had some good times with them lately.


A few weeks ago, my brothers and I went laser tagging! There are few things I take as seriously as laser tagging, haha. It was so much fun. Afterwards we got ice cream at JCW's. The whole night was exactly what I needed. We had wait time between games and there was a long line as JCW's, so we got to do a lot of catching up and talking about life. My brothers are honestly just the best. In every way.

Last Thursday I was able to attend the annual fundraising gala for Mentors International, the company my dad works for. Mentors International gives microcredit loans to people in third world countries to help them grow their businesses, as well as some business training that they wouldn't be able to receive otherwise. It's an incredible company, and they've made more of a difference than you'd think. I love going to this gala every year, because it's a reminder of how much good there is in the world. I'm so proud of my dad and all he does for people around the world. 

Last, but definitely not least, is being able to spend one night every week with Nathan. Life has been crazy busy lately, so I've been mixing up the night every week, but I always call my weekly date with him Tuesdays with Nathan. Last night he was extremely tired, so we stayed in and baked some cookies. I tried to give him some raw cookie dough, but he bit my finger SO HARD while I was trying to stick the dough in his mouth! haha. He was already coughing a bit last night, and probably didn't want to be choking on cookie dough as well. But seriously, my finger is still sore, haha. 

Anyway, life is good, my friends. :) 

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