//Today is day 430 without this gent. That's a lot of days, you guys! 300 to go is a whole lot less than 730 to go. I'm getting super anxious for him to get home, but he is just so happy over there in Germany! I've honestly never seen him happier. He has some really hard times, but it just seems like nothing can get him down. I'm so grateful that I get to be the one to write to him and learn from him every week. 

//Tomorrow I'm off to Guatemala to do some filming! I think I've tried to make plans to leave the county about 6 times this year, and I'm so happy that one of those plans is finally happening! Adventure is calling!

//You guys should click here to read an article about Matthew's dad in honor of his memorial ride coming up next week. And you should all go ride along!!

//Today I died my hair all by myself for the first time! It's all one color, and it's just a little darker, so it's not a huge achievement, but still. I've never died my hair by myself, so I'm pretty proud. haha. 

// Thursday night I went to the Kenny Chesney concert with my mama and my sisters Julie and Katie. It was so much fun! We played Phase 10 between each band and watched drunk people wander around lost. But for real, I love Kenny!! Country concerts are the best kind. 

Okay, now I'm off to get back to the million things I need to do before I leave tomorrow. Here's to a week out of the office and country! 

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