Guatemala Pt.1


Last week I had the opportunity to go to Guatemala to do some filming for my dad. He's the CEO of Mentors International, a company that strives to help end the poverty cycle of some third world countries by giving small business owners microcredit loans and business training. The clients pay back their loans and get new loans as their business grows, and eventually they no longer need help. They become self sufficient because Mentors International gives a hand up, not a hand out. These people have the ability to succeed just as much as anyone, and Mentors International helps give them the means. So, I went with my dad to get some footage of these clients and how their loans have helped them. 

Day 1 was filled 7 hours of flying, followed by a 5 and a half hour bus ride from Guatemala City to Huehuetenango. DoTerra is one of Mentors' sponsors, so a group of about 35 of their CPIs and distributors were with us on the trip, and the bus was filled with probably 100 different essential oils smells. (I'm not saying they don't work! Cause they always have for me. I'm just saying they have strong smells.) haha. To keep myself from getting to bus-sick, I had to either sleep (which I did most of the way, hence the lack of pictures--we just got off the red eye flight!) or focus on the beautiful scenery we were passing. It was absolutely breathtaking. I was amazed by all the use the Guatemalans were able to get out of the steep mountainside! I can't imagine working on those steep mountains all day, every day. The mountains go so high there, we were literally driving through and above some clouds. 

{Stay tuned for part 2!}


  1. I freaking love you. You're amazing.

  2. I so wish I could have gone with you and Dad! I am looking forward to part 2!