10 things I learned this weekend


1: I've had homebody tendencies lately, but if I make myself get out I'll always feel good about it.
2: Brielle is still the world's greatest friend.
3: I don't like when girls say, "we'll see if I'm available when he gets home!" when talking about boyfriends on missions. It's a choice, not a chance.
4: Monsters University was just as good as Monsters Inc. Go see it!
5: I want too much. I need to learn to just be content with what I have.
6: I'm in the mood to do lots of camping! Anybody with me?
7: Cutting up your debit card is a good way to save money.
8: Best guy friends that come home with a french accent are suddenly 7 times more attractive. Welcome home, Matt Meyers! 
9: Laughing until you cry is the best thing in the world!
10: I'm in the middle of a beautiful time of life with so much opportunity for growth.

1 comment:

  1. bahaha I love #7. a lesson I could stand to learn...