Opinions Wanted.


I have a question for all of you, and I would appreciate as many answers as possible. 

Which do YOU think would be a better accomplishment to have done before Matthew gets home in 2 years?

Option #1: Have $15,000 saved....


Option #2: Have visited Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Disneyland, Africa, and Italy again?!

When I was sitting there just thinking about how lucky Matthew is to get to go to German, I got so jealous! I lovvvved my experience in Europe and I've been craving to go back ever since. And then I though..why not just go there myself? And everywhere else I want to go too!? I just feel like I have to go everywhere! When will I ever be this free again? I think I'm gonna do it. and I think I'm gonna start this summer. Where should my first destination be?!


  1. option #3: go and take me with you.

  2. yes! do it!! just go! & start your first trip by throwing a dart at the map. seriously, have you ever done it before? I have one word for you; thrilling!

  3. Go for it lady. and try to save some money on the side, seems to come in handy once you get married. excited for your adventures :)

  4. DUH! You have to! Go! Travel! Take pictures! Get tan! Oh, and bring me with you!! :)

  5. This is my opinion only: Travel, YES! Have so much fun. Keep snowboarding. Hike. Stay active and just have FUN!!!

    ...finish school IMHO. Maybe study abroad? The School of Business at USU has a program where you travel abroad quite a bit, and you can get your business degree at the same time. Something to think about?? Think about rent...or at least good meals...

    You are right. Marriage is the most wonderful thing in the world, but you will never be this free in a single, independent sense again.

    But it doesn't matter what my opinion is. It matters what feels right to you.

    One of the professors I used to work with she was amazing. She gave a workshop on fulfilling your dreams. She said picture your life exactly how you want it to be, regardless of the things that might be holding you back right now. Sit and imagine and picture it to the detail, now and for the future! Money is not an issue. Time is not an issue. If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be? Then take the steps to make that happen. It's amazing how you have the time and the money to do these things. The Lord always provides when it is a worthy cause and done in His ways.

    This lady wanted to get her doctorate degree but was too scared and didn't have any money, and was divorced with two kids, etc. Well she said THE hardest thing was actually applying! Now she is one of the most successful accounting professors ad researchers in the nation and she can more than provide for her kids.

    I can honestly say, my masters degree has been hard in the time-consuming sense, but the hardest thing about it was also getting myself to apply. Now I am graduating this summer and I am so glad I did it. I have learned SOOOO much.

    My friend Tara did this program where she worked at an orphanage in Guatemala I believe on the weekdays and then weekends they would travel. She did so many fun crazy things there, like waterfall repelling and hiking around rain forests and meeting so many fun people! She loved it.

  6. Did you love my novel? Its just that my phone doesn't work, so I couldn't call you this morning.

  7. Kalynn I think enjoying your young adult life is a great idea. You will not regret exploring. Europe is fantastic! I wish you the best with you and your man. I am waiting for McKade Christensen and it is definitely best to stay busy and do things you have always wanted to do while you can. :)

  8. Obviously go and travel!! That's my plan! We can do it together! :) You will have time to save later, but who knows when you'll get the opportunity to travel again!! :) GO GO GO!!