10 things I learned this weekend


1: I am not a very patient person. (4 more days until I get to see Matthew...)
2: Not having to work for an entire week and a half is soooo nice.
3: I miss going to school. Online classes aren't the same. Am I crazy?
4: Keeping a journal is the best habit. I'll never be upset if I record a seemingly boring day, but I'll always regret not writing about the best days. 
5: St. George rain will forever be better than American Fork rain.
6: I really really miss Matt Finn.
7: FatBooth is a reallllly fun app. Let's just would not want to see what I would look like 100 pounds heavier.
8: Happy people are the best people to be around. 
9: I need to learn to be more selfless.
10: I do want to travel, but only if it's with people I love.

How was your weekend? Did you learn anything new?

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