Back in Primary


Oh, has it been ages? Did you possibly think I may have passed away the day after Valentine's Day? 
Well, I am back to tell you about my new church calling! 
Last Sunday, my bishop called me into his office and asked me to be the teacher for the Valiant 11 primary girls. 
Of course I excitedly accepted.
Yesterday was my first day in the class. It took me 5 seconds to know how much I am going to love being in there with them. They are all so beautiful and precious...they seem so young. It made me think of myself at that age, and then I knew exactly why I had been called to that age group. Ironically, that year, 11 going on 12, being in 6th grade, was the worst year for me. I was always the shyest of my friends, which I think made me seem more naive and innocent. Not only did I seem that way though, I really was. And much to my surprise, many of my friends who were once the same way, were changing really quickly. Maybe I was older than most of you by the time you learned about this stuff (I already said I was naive!), but some of my closest friends started making small changes that had major negative affects on me. Swearing, drugs, making out with guys  (haha) and little things like this seemed huge to me at the time. I was constantly uncomfortable, and getting used to it was just not an option for me. I told my friends straight up how I felt and I had to let some of them go. Isn't that funny? Now, I don't often even make a comment when a friend swears. And THAT is why I think I got this calling. To help me remember that those little things are HUGE. That was the year my testimony grew more than any other year, and hopefully I can have some sort of impact on those adorable innocent girls. 
Already after 2 hours they have made the biggest impact on me. 

Also, you all heard Matthew got his mission call to Frankfurt, Germany, right? He leaves May 16th, and is so so so excited. 
I know you want to, throw all of your advice at me for my waiting time! GO! 


  1. Oh Kalynn. To think about you going through all that, and I was away at college at the same time and worrying so much about Nathan etc..I wasn't there for you when you needed me most. I remember wanting so badly to talk to you and not knowing how to get through. You had a tough little shell, my sweet, or so it seemed to an oblivious sister like myself. You had gone through hard things. But look what you learned. You can do hard things. I'm so proud of you sis!! I'm your cheerleader for life! And your shadow. So do me a favor and, you know, don't not tell me stuff from now on. That means tell me. B/c I care. Love, me.

    But wait. waiting advice. We'll talk. But my advice probably includes words like Fun, Dates, Friends, Travel, Institute, Make a Difference, possibly School, and such.

    I'm so happy for Matthew. He is wonderful.