1: All of my roommates are out.
2: I am feeling a little chilly.
3: I am enjoying a bottle of water.
4: My legs are sore because I wanted to see how I would do running over 7 miles. (not well.)
5: I wish I could chill with my brother Nathan.
6: I miss having less responsibility.
7: and more money.
8: I am feeling like...Cedar City is a great town to live in if:

a: You like cowboys.
b: You don't like having fun.
c: Your grandpa lives close.

I choose C.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving it here! but I haven't been here for very many weekends...and the weekends I AM here, just aren't up to par. We'll see if Kelsey and I find anything great to do with this one.

I think the only reason I am feeling like this is because I just signed up for my second semester classes on Wednesday night. and now I'm just...ready to be an elementary school teacher already! Today I found out that starting elementary school teachers in Utah make anywhere from $38,000-$51,000. Isn't that great! I mean, If I was going to be single for the rest of my life, that wouldn't be a lot of money. But I'll get married someday and that will be a nice little addition to my husband's income until our children arrive. I'm so excited to get paid for coloring, teaching letters and numbers, and watching talent shows, and show and tells and all that cool stuff!! It really will be fantastic.

Wanna hear a funny story?
I think it was Tuesday when I stepped into my car, turned my head, and saw a FREAKING SPIDER DANGLING FROM A BIG WEB. INSIDE my car. and when I jumped out of my car from fear of that leetle green spidey...well...I lost it. So i jumped back in and drove straight to a car wash. and i said "vacuum this out please!!!" So I go into the lobby to wait for them to clean and vacuum my car and there are three missionaries sitting there next to the only empty seat. So I sit down next to them and one of them says "have you ever heard of the LDS, or Mormon, church?"

haha. Right then and there I decided that I was going to pretend I was pretty clueless as to what they were talking about.

"Well..I just moved here for school, and..well..I'm in UTAH so I have heard a little about it. But not much." I said.
"Do you think you'd be interested in learning more?"

With this question, I raised my hand to my chin and said "ummm..."
and one of them missionaries says "wait! She's wearing a CTR ring!!"

I rarely lie, because I ALWAYS get caught.
Like this one time in high school. I was having a bad day so I told my teacher that I had an appointment with a counselor in the office so he would let me leave. Just a few minutes after, my mother, knowing I was having a bad day, called to check me out and take me to lunch. So when the office sends an aid with the check-out slip, my teacher is all "she's at an SEOP I thought...."


dang them missionaries. I only wanted to give them some practice!!

Have a good weekend.
Love, Kay.


  1. Thanks Kalynn.. you brightened my day.. You made me smile.. Thanks..Love ya Mom

  2. haha, this is great. :) your such a fantastic person :)