Do you know what makes a good friend?


I could define it for you with two names.

Kelsey Dastrup & Emily Sue Frampton.

Those definitions, however, are not super descriptive, so I will tell you what makes them so.

First of all, they are two of the four best listeners outside of my family that I have come across thus far in my lifetime.
(Thank you Brielle Porter and Matthew Ludlow for being the other two.)
I know that it takes time and effort to just sit and listen to somebody talk, but we always, especially recently, are able to become so engaged in good conversation where we all get a sufficient turn to say what we need to. and I have learned so much from everything they have to say to me! It's just... so great.

This makes them so easily approachable. If I ever have a problem or something...there they are to help me out with it or talk me through it.

Next, they are trustworthy. I feel like I can tell them anything. And the best part is, of the things I have told them, they don't use it against me! They just keep it inside themselves. They don't even make fun of me for it. They just..are great like that! and they are honest with me too. Like..If we don't all agree on something, we're not afraid to say why or anything.

They're really good at making me feel good about myself too. They don't put me down, not even in a joking way. I mean, we can laugh and joke about things...but we know what things are off limits for each other.

And...they'd tell me if I had spinich stuck in my teeth. They borrow my things, and I borrow theirs because we're good and comfortable with each other. They tell me funny jokes. Kelsey doesn't get mad if I accidentally leave her earring at my boyfriends house in American Fork, and Emily leaves me cute notes on my laptop, car, and fridge. They try hard to understand why I am the way I am by caring about stories of my childhood and my little brother.

Basically...there are no reservations and they give me full support.

I'm glad I moved here so that I could meet them.

I love you girls. :)
Love, Kay.

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