I'm a true T-bird! plus a quick story that you don't wanna miss!


Quick Story.

To become a true T-bird, one must kiss a person of the opposite gender, or not, I suppose, at exactly midnight at this one statue we have on campus. ha. It's so fun. You get there like ten minutes early, just to be safe, and they're handing out chapstick, gum, mints...all that cool stuff. And the chapstick even says "I'm a true T-bird" on it! It was tight.


I'M A TRUE T-BIRD!! It's funny just kissing in a very large group of people who are also kissing. Can you say make out party? I can. make out party.

so then at 12:05, we run across the street to where we have some water balloons stashed...(Matt's idea..) and then...we just start throwing them at everyone making out! haha. only. we didn't really pay attention to the big light that was over our wonderful hiding spot...and...everyone saw who we were and what we were doing. They didn't appreciate getting all wet. So we had to book it! We run to the other end of the field with barbed wire. but we have no choice! We have to climb! So i throw my slippers over to the other side, my best to climb bare foot. UNSUCCESSFUL. First, I completely grabbed the wire with my hand, yes there are holes in my hand now, and then I sat on the wire, yes, there are holes in my pants now, and then I accidentally ran both feet over the wire, yes there are horrid scratches on my feet now. And I'm all bleeding everywhere...but it's okay. It was SO much fun. Like. way fun. when I got home, Matthew, Emily, and Kayla help to make sure I don't have to get my feet and hands cut off by spraying my battle wounds with TONS of hydrogen peroxide. Never used the stuff? I don't recommend it. Sure, now my wounds are clean but OWWW. I wanted to cry! That stuff burns!

Anyway. I'm gonna go home now. :)



  1. HAHAH love it!!! Glad im not the only one that blogged about become the "true" at a college. Oh and have I told you how beautiful he is? cause he is...

  2. one of those college adventures you will never forget. i'm glad your friends nursed your wounds.

    by the way, pretty sure that tradition started at that one university in that one frigid town, the one and only...ever heard of True Aggies? Kissing on the A has been around for longer than SUU has existed (i'm actually too lazy to confirm this bragging point but you get the picture).

    Good seeing you last weekend, much love.