Fancy Shmancy Pumpkin Pie.


My weekend,
which pretty much began with Thursday after classes ended,
was absolutly deluctable.

Here's the recap:

Thursday night presented a

It had been a long time since I'd had one of these.
It was fan-freaking-tastic.

We drove to the ST-G and hit up Cafe Rio, and then spent a good amount of time shopping at the outlets. Then we headed over to Scott and Josh's and got yummy ice cream cones at Larsen's FROSTOP! mmmm. I love that place.

The drive home was funny...cause Emily ordered three very sugary desserts at Frostop...and...sugar just does something to her.

Friday I got to drive home with my lovely sister Julie, her husband and two children, and Matthew. We then got dressed up all fancy and went to SLC for Papa's Gala.

He is the CEO of a microcredit company that gives small loans to people in third world countries so that they can make their small businesses better and become more self sufficient. Their Motto: a hand UP, not a hand OUT.
Kind of like that moral that goes something like: give someone fish and you feed them a meal, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.

you know?

my dad is super classy and good at asking people to donate to this beautiful cause.

I got to have Matthew as my date, and boy did he look handsome.

Well...he always does. It's so distracting.

David Archuletta was there and he sang some songs and also his mother did too. Because she grew up in Honduras, which is one of the countries my dad's business helps.
He has a tragically wonderful voice. and even though I didn't know any of his songs..I don't think he sang any of his most popular ones anyway.
But he does sound lovely.

Saturday was fantastic because I got to see my dearest, most best friend in the ENTIRE world,
she is my soul-mate-friend. As in..if any two people in the world were meant to be friends, it would be us. We're the same a very good way. We never argue, dispute, or disagree. And we don't live in a friendship fantasy world either. We're 100% honest with each other. I know she'd never talk about me behind my back, because if she had a problem with me, she'd say it to my face and we'd talk over it. Cause we're mature like that. :) But seriously...I don't even say "I hope I'll be friends with Brielle my whole life..." Because she's basically my sister. I don't have to worry about it. I KNOW she'll be there my entire life. She's just that kind of friend for me.

it had been MONTHS since I had seen her.
months, I'm telling you.
Because she spent her whole summer working in Texas, and now goes to school at BYU and I'm here at's just difficult. But I gathered her and our other dear friend Rachel Wade and we all went to lunch together at Pizza Factory.

It's amazing how normal it feels between good friends, even when it seems like it's been an eternity.

ah. I love Bri and Rachel.

And now here I am, back at my cosy little dorm room at SUU.

which I do love as well.

ah are so beautiful to me.


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  1. that gala was incredible and you looked gorgeous. now your friends can read all about it.

    Just one mention of Larson's frostop had me back in memory lane, eating all kinds of amazing things like fries, slushes, and ice cream. not so much the fries though, since a certain usually very generous woman about 21 years my senior would never share, haha.