And this I enter my last year of teenage-hood.


October 22, 1991.

The day I was born.
Can I just tell you that my 19th birthday was the greatest birthday ever?
it was.
Matt and I drove home on Thursday, so that I wouldn't have to drive for three hours on my own birthday. And when I got home Melissa, Lizzy, Sam, and my dear mother were all there making carameled apples! mmm! And then my generous mother wanted to take us to dinner! It wasn't even my birthday yet, but I got to choose!
Anyone who knows me knows what I chose.


Heaven. on. Earth.
Anyway. on to the actual birthday stuff!!

Friday. Happy birthday to me!! Matthew came and picked me up and took me to breakfast with a couple of our friends, MattFinn, Braden, and Jake.
We went to Kneaders because they have the best french toast on all the planet and it's only $5 bucks for all you can eat! So that was good. And then we all went to play pool at a bowling alley. Matt and I kicked Braden's and Jake's butt. Can I just tell you that we are pretty dang dece at pool?We are.
And then Matt hung out with me ALL day long. haha. He's so great.
and then I had a quick family party.
I LOVE my family. They're so great.
and that night my friends from Cedar came down!
Abby, Kelsey, Emily, and Scott.
we ate pizza and MUD PIE. and chatted until it was late. but not too late, because the next day we had plans to go to.....
but did you know it was pouring rain all day?
but we didn't care THAT much.

We still spent our entire day there and it was so much fun still!
Lines were short.
and Matt even took me on the


When we were so cold that we just couldn't handle it any longer, we went to Emilies and showered and got in sweats and ate the delicious grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup her dear kind mother made for us.
Then we turned on "How to Train Your Dragon" which is SO adorable.

And then after a little guitar hero and super mario bros, we hit the sack.

I so happy. with life. friends. family. everything. :)

Love, your no longer 18 years old friend,

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  1. Kalynn!! I love this post, Just reading it I can just feel the happiness and excitement in your life. You are beautiful, and I am so happy you had a great birthday!