Dear Blah-g,


I'm sorry that you have become BLAH since I have hardly taken any time to update you as of late.

What the story is,
is that I am loving college to the highest degree.

People were right, you know. SUU is a party school. but that doesn't mean that we don't get our work done! I swear we do. We just always get it done by 5, and THEN the partying gets done.

Let me tell you a little about my experience in the classroom first.

I actually love my classes. Well. Most of them. I'm taking Spanish 1! Did you know?? and I LOVE it. I have it Monday-Thursday. Right now we're learning how to tell time. I'm pretty good at learning languages, I think. Cause.. I feel like I'm learning really fast..and. anyway. It's fun. It's my favorite class. And then of course...I'm an English I'm loving that too! Although, we haven't had the opportunity to write any papers yet. I'm getting excited for that though!


Okay. So those are the only two classes I really like. But the others are bearable.

What I really enjoy about college though, is that I have made so many new friends since being here! And we have so much fun every single day. I don't know how we do it..we just do. Take last night for example...We played the game Ultimate Uno (also known to some people as Mau) with ten people..and it was hilarous and intense and...haha. Some people were getting really upset. Like..Cody...he doesn't like to lose.

Other activities include: Going to Jeff Nye, the stand up comedian.

Me, Emily, Abby, and Kelsey
Kelsey, Cody, Trent

Having Cafe Rio Mondays

Going on silly string rampages..

me, Emily, Carter, Kelsey, Kevin, Abby

I like being in college.

Hasta Luego,


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  1. Must you have so much fun without your mom?? I miss you and I"m glad you're having tons of fun. I'm glad you are updated your Blah-g! It needed it! Come see me soon.. Love ya! MOM