Breaking up is hard to do...



{pronounced J-C.}

I tutor him! Every Monday and Wednesday. We read a bunch of really good books. Right now we're reading "Big Red." Did YOU read that when you were in 5th grade? haha. I did.

Also...A few weeks back Cody sat on mine and Abby's summer project..and he broke it. And today we decided that it was taking up too much room...and it just needed to be thrown away.

It was a really hard thing to do. :(

And Last, but definitely not least, I just got back from my friends' first flag football game! I will hopefully post the pictures of that soon.

Did I mention that they kicked butt?!

they did.

I'm going to go study for my spanish test tomorrow! Have a wonderful night! Think happy thoughts!!

Love, Kay.

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  1. what was your summer project?

    I bet Jayce loves you...& you are the storytime library lady?? Awesome!!

    Pres. Monson gave the sweetest talk last Saturday you need to take a listen in because it's one of those that you would love. Go to: Scroll to the end of the video, his was the last talk.

    Hey I just realized! I will see you this weekend! Where we shall listen to a great many other talks together. Oh joy, oh happiness, that cannot be contained my dear sister.