Hello Sunshine!!


First of all, I would just like to say that

College is fun!!

Early Thursday morning I woke up and loaded a TON of stuff into my mama's van and my stuff filled up the entire thing. Who even knew I had so much stuff to live with?! And we started heading down to Cedar City! My sister Melissa drove with me and and we had fun talking and singing to music the whole way down. (minus the part where the guy with the trailer fish tailed like a maniac and nearly took the whole freeway off the side of the road with him...needlessto say, since I am alive, I am a good driver and avoided our near-death.) Upon arriving at Southern Utah University, 4 or 5 HUGE football players ran over and asked if they could help move my stuff to my room! This was a pleasant surprise, because I hate making mulitple trips to bring stuff in. It was such a warm welcome! It instantly made me happy. And then I was greeted by my lovely roommates!! I have much to say about them, but I am going to save that for a post I will be doing in a day or two, when I actually have pictures of them to put up. I keep forgetting to take those. But really. I got lucky. I love them all! I can't wait to tell you about them!

My first weekend here was filled with "Flightschool", which is a knock off of us being T-birds. Get it? Flightschool was preparing us to "take flight" into our college careers! Woo hoo!...ha. No. But it was okay. It was fun seeing a BUNCH of people whom I adore from Snow Canyon, including Paige Ovard, Cody Patterson, Robbie Hillstead, Kaleb Hurst, Brody Fausett, Tyler Miller, Sam Wilde..etc...Great people. It was fun seeing them again! and I love being here with three of my best friends, Abigail Richards, Matthew Ludlow, and Braden Perucca. I seriously..would be having a difficult time without them. They are my family here.

I've had a lof of fun spending my time watching movies, playing volleyball, playing ultimate frisbee, walking around campus, having morning dance parties, going to the cool dance party at the Harris Center, and getting used to this new leetle town.

I like living on my own in these cute little dorms. I don't even mind that they are so small! And I am especially happy with the size of my closet, because I thought I had to leave half of my clothes behind, which I did, but my closet here is so big that I can bring up the rest after my next visit home! yay.


miss you. sort of.

love, Kalynn.

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  1. final landing position of that truck and trailer = JACKKNIFE. Not Good.