Just a few


minor reasons that
Matthew David Ludlow

is my
best friend.

1. We go on actual dates quite a bit. Which I like. {And it's usually something not uber expensive that is a ton of fun.}
2. Last night, he took me to Olive Garden. mmmmm! Chicken con broccoli. 3. My family would love to know that he is the perfect gentleman and he opened all my doors. {even when he barely fit in on that side...}
4. He then watched PONYO with me. Ponyo is the best Japanese anime movie EVER. It's pretty childish..but it's utterly fantastic and adorable. {Seriously. I HIGHLY recommend it.}
5. He LOVED Ponyo too!!
6. Sometimes he is oblivious which makes it easy to attack him and give him wedgies. hahahah!...
7. He showed me Badger Badger. hahah.
8. And We don't need no stinking badges!!
9. He cut my badger.
10. He turned on Owl City's "The Bird and the Worm" on his phone while we sat on my tramp and deciphered what the clouds were and, when it got darker, tried to find Orion's Belt. Not an easy thing.
11. He counts the raindrops that fall on him and freaks out when there are so many that he loses count. haha.

Have fun on your fishing trip, Matthew. I'll miss you. :)

As always,