It's official:


I love summer.
And this one has already been a remarkably good one.

1: My best friend Matt and I visit the dollar store quite often. During one particular visit he spotted some Texas Toast and it gave him a stellar idea. "Let's have a candlelit dinner, Kalynn!" So we buy the french toast, some soft pretzels, gourmet microwave dinners, and some Sobe to drink. We go home, change into nicer clothes, and set the table for a candlelit dinner!
2: I'm a movie lover. Especially matinee movies, because they are cheaper. And I love going with some of my favorite girls: Lizz Miller, Lauren Jones, & Seren Bezzant. Going to see Letters to Juliet with them was a huge highlight of my summer thus far. Especially because we had Charleston Chews, Milk Duds, and Mambas--The perfect movie candies.
3: I've already been to Seven Peaks twice. In the same week. Monday was my first time there. ever. And it was spectacular! Thursday was my second time. Let's just say cave in, going down Boomerang backwards, being one inch away from touching the top, the orange free fall slide..are some of the best moments I've ever had.
4: Me and Matt had a car washing day! We scrubbed, washed, & vacuumed down our cars until they were good as new! Well..almost, anyway. Here's Matthew vacuuming.5: It was Matt's birthday this week too! Breakfast with all the friends was a fun activity. If you've never had Kneader's french toast for breakfast, you REALLY need to check that out. It's only 5 bucks for all you can eat..and trust probably won't even need to go back for a second serving. And to top it all off, we spent the afternoon at Nicklecade! [now known as nickle city.] 6: Last night we had a smores party! It was especially great because we invited some of my favorite people who I hadn't seen since graduation. If you've never swapped your Hershey's chocolate for a Reeses cup in your smore, I highly recommend it.
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