5 days ago I got back from Europe..


...We visited Rome first. My first impression was that it was so beautiful! Which it is. I love the old traditional style of housing that is all over Europe. The apartment buildings stacked 3-7 stories, and the window railings with flowers. I'm totally having window railings with flowers on my house when I get my own someday.

The COLOSSEUM. the Roman Forum. The Pantheon. The Sistine Chapel. THE VATICAN MUSEUM. the Spanish Steps. Caesar's grave. Mussolini's Palace...and so much more. Old Rome was soo beautiful and.. I could hardly breathe with excitement from taking in so much of that history and trying to imagine all that went on there. It was such a stellar experience.

This is a picture of me and my best friend actually
sitting just outside the Colosseum...I'm still freaking out.
I got to stand inside of it and say "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!"
Just like Russel Crowe in his outstanding performance in the movie GLADIATOR.
It's my favorite of all time.

Our next City was Florence. Boo. ha. just kidding. I was way stoked for Florence, just because movies always talk it up. but..I just wasn't very impressed. We stayed in a sketchmonster looking hotel across the street from the train station.

...and the entire city just smelled terribly! I couldn't even breathe, I swear. Pretty sure I gained a legit allergic reaction to cigerette smoke, because beginning in Florence and consistently every time after when I smelt smoke I sneezed three times and got all itchy and congested. But I'm not complaining. I'm still uber glad I got to go. A few things I did like about Florence were its Art Museums. Especially the Uffitzi and the Accadamia museums. Michelangelo's freaking DAVID was at the Accadamia Art Gallary. It was so stunning. I can't even tell you. I loved it. I just like..stood captivated for like 15 minutes while i took in every muscle that was so defined. The KNEES and ANKLES and ribs and abdomen and his HUGE HANDS. It is such a beautiful piece. Plus...Florence had the H&M AND the best flee markets.

Venice. I LOVED Venice!!! It was so clean. :) And even though it sorta smelled like sewage, it is so beautifully unique that..Well. I just loved every second of it. Every day spent in Venice was filled with at least 4 hours of walking. only like an hour more than we spent walking most days. It was suchhhh a beautiful place.The best was when we found Carla's Restaurant. It was right about when we were getting a tad bit bored of spaghetti, pizza, and lasagna and Carla's was the only place that knew what ALFREDO sauce was! Yay for Americanized pasta dressing!! I know we don't look like it was the greatest thing in the world, but it truly was.

Then we got to go to Prague (in the Czech Republic) and see Kamila!! Prague is by far the most beautiful city I have ever witnessed with my own two eyes.
It was so..just..AH. I loved it. And then we went to the city where Kamila lives, Brno. I liked going to Brno, because it's not at all touristy. But it's a way fun place. We went to church with her there where I got to experience firsthand how much some Europeans just LOVE Americans. Right when we walked in they could tell we were American and they basically attacked us. They were all over us "Can WE show you around Brno?!" "We want to hang out with you!" "How do you spell your name so I can add you on Facebook?!" It was...intense. While we were in Brno, Kamila and her family also took us caving! It was so cool. I've been caving here in AF, and in St. George, but these caves are so much more impressive.
Mostly I just loved being able to see this girl right here again. She's practically my sister. I miss her all the time.And her family consists of the sweetest people I've ever met in my entire life. Even if it was impossible to speak with half of them, because we didn't know each others' languages.

After the Czech Republic, we had one more day in Rome, so we went and looked at some more work in the Vatican. And the next day we flew home.

I had such a great time. I tried 24 different flavors of gelato. We got some every day and took a note of all of our flavors.

I can't wait to be able to go back to Europe again someday. I've gotta hit Spain, Ireland, England, France, Austria..and 99 other places as well.

brb, Europe.
Love, Kay.

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