Nearer, My God, To Thee.


I've been called crazy by friends a few times because whenever I have something going on in life, 

happy or sad, I talk to a lottt of people about it. Haha. 

You can call me crazy if you want to, but do you know what I think? 
I may have already said it on this blog before, but my favorite concept is this: 
Shared sorrow is half sorrow, and shared joy is double joy.
Isn't that the best?? 
That's probably my favorite thing about blogging. I love to read about everyone's lives and be excited for the good things going on for them, and pray for them when times aren't so great. 

Sometimes, though, I think the only person that can really hear me is the Lord. 
So today I drove around until I found this place that I'm deeming as my own version of the Sacred Grove, and we talked for a while.

In the times where patience would be the most beneficial, I find it a difficult and daunting task.
I often fall short of what is expected of me; of what I expect of myself.
I easily slip into feelings of inadequacy- of feeling as though I can't measure up. 

But it's all soothed with a bittersweetness; I don't want to be perfect. 
Perfect requires attention to consequences.
It inhibits the freedom to deviate along the way,
the freedom to learn for yourself what truly brings you happiness.

Thus, in all of my impatient selfishness, I can't complain with the direction in which my life is headed. 
No, sir. 

                                                                                        And you know what else?

I AM loved; by a being even greater than our own.
By a love more infinite than imaginable.
In a way more tangible than life, itself.

Oh, and YOU are too. :)

And in case you were wondering, this perfect little place is Springfield. I invite you out there for a drive sometime soon. 


  1. Love this Kalynn! Beautiful photos too!

  2. Loved this, and I love you. :)

  3. I am really glad I found this. I needed this today! Thank you! :) You are a great woman! And I look up to you a LOT!