Happy birthday, Abigail!


Abby was the first friend I made after moving to American Fork from St. George.

She was a people-pleasing, high-achiever who played classical viola with perfect posture.  I was less inclined to quietly impress, preferring a more in-your-face approach, I liked punk music and wore boots to school dances. (obviously not impressing anyone haha)

We went through some awkward teen years together, talking about boys, first kisses (which Abby thought were disgusting), and going on double dates. We had late nights, because sleepovers weren't allowed, and ate way too much popcorn. 

A few years and many, many, many stories had past when we found ourselves meeting for our regular Cafe Rio and cheesy chick flick date. There was always much to discuss.

On one particular occasion Abby had some very important news for me. It was around early September. She didn't have a ring on her finger, but she had a date for a wedding scheduled at the temple.

Abby and I went through a lot at the same time. Together we started high school, broke up with guys, got dumped, graduated high school, went to Italy, moved out of our parents' houses, and started college. This is kind of the first time in 6 years that we aren't doing something major even close to simultaneously. 

I'm thrilled at the thought of being able to be her maid of honor and watch her get married to the best person out there for her, grow up, and move out of state. All I'm saying is, wherever she goes better have a dang good Cafe Rio. 

Happy 21st to my sweet friend, travel buddy, and pretend sister. I love you! 

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