1: I've been coughing up a storm all day long. (sorry to those people I sit next to at work...)
2: Matthew pretended to like Panda Express because he knows that I like it and he felt bad that I never got to eat there just because he didn't like it. He's too good to me.
3: I am sort of missing my straight-across bangs...who votes I snip em? like ^^ up thurr.. but JUST the bangs. Not the rest.
4: I am definitely missing Abigail, Emily Sue, and Braden.
5: Not super excited about school starting again..
6: Promised Matthew I'd watch the Pokemon series after we finished the Friends series....ha.
7: Getting excited for the weekend.
8: Still can't believe my brother and best friend is getting married a week from Sunday.
9: Wishing I wasn't too sick to start some of my New Year's Resolutions..
10: Feeling a super strong urge to make a trip to the warmth of my St. George.


  1. Straight across bangs are cute! Do it! And COME to St. George. It wants you there.

  2. Emily Sue misses you too :) can't wait to see you! :)