Jazz v. Kings!


Saturday Matthew and I went to the Jazz game! He got  a 2-games-for-1 deal, so we'll be going to the Spurs v. Jazz game next month too. We probably had the best seats available in the upper bowl, with a perfect view of the court. I bet you guys were watching on TV since Jimmer  was playing, right? Who didn't love at the end of the game, when the Kings just needed a 2-pointer to win, and Jimmer gets the ball, takes a step behind the line for a 3, AND...misses! haha...we laughed so hard. Poor Jimmer..all the University of Utah fans, who hated him while he played for BYU, still hated him and pretty much were booing him the entire game. We had a good time eating Dippin' Dots and Red Vines, and watching one of our favorite teams. After the game we got free pizza from Papa Johns! Is that anyone else's least favorite pizza place? 

Who else watched the Jazz game? Were you cheering for the Jazz, or just for Jimmer?

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