This weekend my niece had her end-of-year dance recital with her hip-hop studio. It was something that I definitely didn't want to miss, so I asked my sister-in-law Kenzie to drive down with me. Lizzy did such a great job! It was so much fun watching her dance, see her confidence come out, and watch her having so much fun with it! I honestly was so proud of her, like I constantly am. She's always trying new things. She's so brave. 

Being in St. George was exactly what I needed this weekend! The warm weather, acting immature with my sister at church (she totally started it...) and playing nonstop with the cutest nieces and nephews in all the land make for one perfect weekend.

I got home on Sunday just in time to play with more nephews out on the trampoline before it got too cold and dark. We ate ice cream cones and played trampoline dodgeball until my legs gave out, haha. They're always getting me outside, and I love it. 

I have a bad cold now that may have stemmed from going nonstop this weekend (and I probably caught something from Nathan too) but I really can't complain with a life this good!

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