1: I need to take more/better photos so that I can use them to blog with. This is just disappointing.
2: Today was the Monday-y-est Monday of all the Mondays. 
3: But it ended with everything falling into place, and reminding me that that's how life usually goes, if only I'd learn a little patience. Totally easier said than done.
4: I've been really grateful for sincere friendships lately. I'm finding out more and more which ones are the real ones, and I'm in awe by the incredible people in my life.
5: I've been listening to the same song on repeat since Friday. I'm too embarrassed to say what it is.
6: Snowboarding is still one of the best things in the world, and I'm craving it like no other. If you follow me on Insta, then you already know that I woke up at 5:00 a.m. the other day, put on all my snowboarding gear, and then just sat around in it for an hour. Literally can't wait to take it out on some fresh pow-pow. powder. snow.
7: Can I just say how grateful I am to have a Heavenly Father that always has my back? I know I disappoint him about 99% of the time, but he is there for me anyway. Ugh. I'm so undeserving, but so grateful.
8: I made my bed today. You don't realize how proud you should be of that. I don't really believe in making beds.
9: Lately I've been feeling a complete and utter lack of confidence in knowing exactly how to get to where I want to be. Anyone who is qualified in life lessons should come give me some. Will pay in hugs and also maybe food that I steal from my parents house. Cause I don't grocery shop. Hence--I need life lessons. Did this just go around in a full circle? 
10: I'm feeling restless and ready for some change. Again. So I'm moving. Again. For the 6th time this year. lol @ me. 

Go kill your Tuesday, everybody! Only 13 more days until Christmas!!