I will never understand those people who say, "Today was a good day" and actually mean, "I slept in until 2:00."
Unless you're a parent with a baby that was up all night, or something like that.
I'm just saying.
I can't sleep in on Saturdays. The one day we have in a week to get up and go on adventures and enjoy this beautiful world?
How could you want to sleep instead?!

Today was a really good day.

Nothing particularly striking about it; it was just good.
My roommates and I spent some time up Payson canyon, because I'd heard wonderful things about it.
It didn't disappoint.

And I really am so blessed to be surrounded with great people.

P.S. Officially booking Christmas-grams until med-December!
What is a Christmas-gram, you might ask?
It's where I take adorable videos of you and your family. And then in place of a Christmas letter,
you tell people to watch your video so they can see your perfect little family and what you've been up to this year.
Or you can still send the Christmas card, and we can just place a little QR code on the back with a link to your family's Christmas-gram.
Someday I'll actually finish my website so you can see a real live Christmas-gram.
Until then, let's just make you your very own. :)

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  1. Kalynn, the Christmas gram you made for us a couple years ago was awesome. You captured the sweetest little things that have all changed now, so it is a perfect snapshot of that time. Hm maybe we should do that again. I wish you could come out and film the ranch!! Can't wait to see you darling sister.