'Tis the season


I am utterly in love with this time of year.

-At work, we're buying Christmas presents for a family with some cute, chubby childrens.
-I can't help but let my mind wander [every 3 minutes] to the fact that all my family will be here in 8 days!
-It snowed pretty decently today for the first time this season.
-Paid time off from work is the best thing everr. Basically, it's like I'm getting paid to open my presents, sleep in, and have an insane amount of fun with the boyfriend and family. 
-mistletoe. :)
-I am so excited for the presents that I got everyone this year! People will love me so much more now. :)
-Christmas music is constantly playing in my ear from my iPod during work. I never get sick of it.
-People are happier than they usually are. 
-Cuddle weather! (not too cuddly, mom. don't worry.)
-Family talent show contest. My family is so funny! I can't wait for mine and Nathan's surprise!
-I love seeing all the happy children in line to see Santa Claus whenever I go to the mall. 
-Having every right to eat all the sweets in the world, because they are decorated in Christmas colors so it's okay.
-Today I actually wanted to go snowboarding again...??? What the!? weird. I know.
-Watching Christmas movies! I could watch The Grinch every. single. day.
-Beautiful Christmas lights are up all over the place, and I get so giddy whenever I look at them!

Even though it's so, so cold out, there is just so much happiness wherever I go! I love it.
What's your favorite thing about this time of year?

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  1. the grinch with what's his face, jim carrey, is my favorite christmas movie i think ever.