The one with the update.


If an "update" is what you want to call this. 
Basically, here's what you've missed/what I've neglected to blog about as of yet.

1: Papa had his gala for Mentors International. I wish you could all hear my dad ask billionaires for money. He is the most eloquent, classy guy that I know. The benefit show was amazing, complete with Elder Oaks daughter on the violin and some other fantasticly talented woman whose name I can't recall.
Matthew won this plant, and he was one proud father of it.

2: I hung out with all of my roommates for the first time! All four of us are crazy busy and I'm never ever at our apartment and this was the first time we all got to hang out together. We went to dinner at the cutest restaurant in the Riverwoods and we saw that actor from The Best Two Years! I really, really like my roommates. I know that in some other life, if I wasn't juggling school, work, AND a boyfriend, that we could have become really great friends.

3: Matthew and I went to Hee Haws. haha. I was craving a hayride, and Matthew enjoys all things haunted, so we went down the street for a haunted hayride at Hee Haws. It was the scariest one that I have ever been to, and we really enjoyed it.

4: We also carved pumpkins! We took Nathan down with us to Maceys to pick out the best pumpkins in the bunch, and carved away. It was the first time I've ever carved something other than two triangles and a jagged mouth into a pumpkin, and I was pretty proud! 

5: and last, but definitely not least, we all flew up to Disneyland for my birthday! This girl has now entered a whole new decade of life. Disneyland was so much fun. I got to go on all of my favorite rides and spend time with my favorite people. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. Oh, and p.s. For my birthday, Matthew gave me two good books, and a deep tissue massage at a local spa! I just got to go to the massage today, and it was my first real massage. It. was. glorious. I'm thinking I'm going to need more of those in the future.

Adam and his fiance, Kenzie. She's hardcore, as you can tell.

Hopefully I'll be blogging more often!
Tonight I'm off to see Footloose with the boyfriend!
What are your weekend plans?

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