Here's the thing.

I could probably date the whole world and not find a single person who has the ability to love and care about Nathan 
the way Matthew David Ludlow does. One thing that's rough about dating for me, is bringing home new guys and
 seeing how difficult it is for them to be around my brother. I mean, I understand. It's a unique situation, and 
talking to someone who can't really respond can be uncomfortable to a lot of people. 
It's actually really difficult for me when it's not my own brother. So I know it takes some getting used to. 
But Matthew just treats Nathan like one of his best friends. He could talk to him for hours. 
He genuinely cares about Nathan's happiness and productivity. And it's obvious that Nathan loves having Matt as his friend, too. 
If anything, I'm grateful to Matthew for setting the bar high by showing me that I can find someone who can be my 
best friend as well as Nathan's.
Matthew is such a score.

Don't they just look so happy together up there? I love it.

Oh, p.s. Ignore Matthew's hideous necklace. Haha I hate that thing. and luckily it broke. ;)


  1. I love this post! That boy of yours sounds like a keeper. Love this and I love the love you have for your brother, so special!

  2. It's true. That is one of my favorite things about Matt.

    He is such a sweetheart.

  3. Here's the thing.... You haven't updated your blog in a month. :)

  4. Okay...this is crazy. I just happened to stumble across your blog--and when I saw Nathan's picture, I couldn't believe it was him! Two years ago, I observed at Dan Peterson for about two weeks. I was in Nathan's classroom and was assigned to help him in the mornings. I fell in love with this sweet boy, and I still think about him often. Just last week I talked about him and his sweet spirit to my miamaids. I am so happy I happened across your blog! I love your brother!