Remember when?

Remember when we were just friends and we would tell each other everything?
Remember when I made you that CD? The one that showed my true feelings. By accident. 
Remember when we thought we couldn't be friends, not the same way, and it hurt me so much?
Remember when you gave in and let it all happen? Let us happen.
Remember when we drove for 2 and half hours, to 3 cities, just to find a Fazoli's? 
Remember when we would go to that restaurant? Over and over again. And always loved it.
Remember when I couldn't sleep and you sang to me and read me scriptures until I did?
Remember when we would eat cereal at midnight?
Remember when you didn't think you'd like Friends? Remember when we watched it every day?
Remember when we felt so safe with each other?
Remember when we first started talking about thoughts of forever?
Remember when we could fall into our own little world? Just us.
Remember when we were just perfect for each other?
Remember when just holding hands took away all the pain?
Remember when we were enough? Enough to fix anything.
Remember when we were great?

Because now, that's all I can remember. 
And I know that while everything will change, nothing will change.
And I wouldn't have it any other way. 


  1. you are amazing, kalynn!! truly. you can do this, i know you can.

  2. girl im here for you the love of my life is gone too so i feel for you call me if you need anything or just want to talk or just need a friend :) love you

  3. Kalynn, I seriously would hate to have to do this. I feel for you. My heart hurts for you. AHG! But, just eat a reeses peanut butter cup, and watch Friends. You can Do this! Or, you can just come visit me. There you go.. Then we can eat Reeses together!