"Are you going to wait for your missionary?"

To me, asking this question should be like touching a pregnant woman's belly. -with hesitation, sincerity, and only if you know the person fairly well. 

Not a day goes by when I don't get asked if I am going to wait for Matthew. They started coming about a year ago, and everyone feels the need ask it. I can't even tell you how many cashiers have asked me when Matthew and I have been shopping together. I wouldn't really mind, if people would just hear my answer and move on. No matter what I say, I can't make anyone happy.

In the beginning, I never knew what to say, so I just answered, "I don't know! I guess we'll see!" And I'd grin and wink. 
wow. If you can't say you are going to wait for him right now, you don't stand a chance!

Yeah, I'll definitely be here when he gets back.
hahah yeah, right. The odds are completely against you! Do you know how many girls say they are going to wait for their missionary? You'll be married in 6 months!

I really appreciate it when people say
You shouldn't even have a boyfriend before he goes on a mission!!! 
yeah, yeah I know. but can't I have a little credit? I mean, he IS going.

I also quite enjoy this rebuttal.
So, you ARE going to wait? I can't believe you are going to just sit at your house everyday for two years  waiting! 

Because by "waiting" for a missionary, we all know that that specifically means the actual verb of waiting...

First of all, can I just remind everyone that odds don't mean anything? It wouldn't matter if no girl ever had waited for a missionary. I could still be the first one to do it. Or, even if every girl DID wait for their missionary. I could be the first one not to. Second of all, nothing matters at this point. I feel bad when Matthew is with me when I get asked that question, because then he thinks about it too much. That shouldn't be something missionaries should have to worry about. I mean, obviously they will anyway, but maybe they would a little bit less if everyone wasn't reminding them that is a possibility, (or "FACT" if you ask the guys at Zumiez..) that their best friend might get stolen by someone else before they return. 

And guess what? He's going to be having some of the best years of his life, and while they may be a little (a lot, a lot, a lot) agonizing for me in the beginning, I'm going to have a lot of fun too. Believe me. Or don't. Because it's really not up to you.

Oh, and my answer now? I don't make promises to the public, but Matthew is worth hanging around for. And I think that 3 years of the best friendship in the world is stable enough ground for me to say that.

Now let's hear your stories! Who waited for their missionary? Who didn't? 
We can also take a vote if you want to. Who thinks I'll wait for mine?


  1. You're so sweet, Kay. And much more mature than I was in your position. I "waited" a long time for Derek and everyone said I would be married before he got home. Not the case. He was married before I was! I don't regret anything. The best thing was that when he got home, we ended up being very good friends. I'll always be grateful for that. Try not to worry about "waiting" or what will happen. Just enjoy the next two years and let Matthew do the same. Don't write too many letters and just be as supportive as you can be - keep being his best friend, but don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do. And don't be afraid of other boys. Life is good and I promise you, whether you and your missionary end up together or not, Heavenly Father has the perfect plan for you and you WILL be happier than you can even imagine when you marry your Mr. Right. Whether it's him or someone else.

  2. I don't have an opinion for you because it's different for everyone, but I just wanted to say KALYNN! You are a fabulous writer. I could read your blog all day :)

  3. First of all Kalynn...I adore you! And miss you!! And I think that if any couples have a chance, its you and Matt. But as for my missionary "waiting" experience...I guess I have about six months until we find out :) Have fun while he is gone, and if you two are supposed to be will all work out :)I love ya Kalynn!

  4. I know of a couple in my ward at church and while he went on a mission, she waited for him. then, she went on a mission and he waited for her. they got married when she returned.

  5. My cousin dated a boy for years before his mission. When he left, she still went on dates, but never stopped thinking about him. They are now engaged to be married next month! Do what you feel is right. It doesn't matter what anyone else says or thinks. And these two years will go by faster than you think. Good luck gorgeous girl!

  6. Hello Kalynn. I chose to wait for McKade while he is out. It has been an amazing experience for the both of us. Watching him grow is fantastic. He has been out for a little over 17 months. It has been a long journey but I wouldn't trade it for anything. For me it has been helpful to keep an open mind and go by the spirit. Being best friends for 3 years is definitly worth hanging around for. Living life while he is serving has helped me get to know myself more and I have grown closer to my Savior for sure. Keeping a journal really helps you see your progress and his. This is a big thing for the both of you. Good luck to the both of you. :)

  7. Um....well Kay I haven't really done either! I haven't ever had a missionary, but I have had lots of friends on both sides who waited and who didn't. I love this post and I love you! Thanks for being one of the most candid and sincere people I am privilege to know and anyone who has spent any time with you and Matthew would be crazy to say that your relationship won't be able that long. I know if it is what you guys want you will be able to make it :) I love you and may the odds be ever in your favor!...sorry hunger games quote just had to add it.

  8. I adore you. i've gone through and am going through the same thing. i've waited....but i think i've done it a really good way a way that works for some and for others not so much. I've waited but still dated....i go on dates, meet new people and it's only made my love for my matt haha (our boyfriends have the same name) grow even stronger and given me no doubt in my mind that he's the boy i want to be with for the rest of my life. so as for those people who give you's honestly non of their business they will say and think what they want....your faith has to be in god and in his plan. and honestly if you really wanna stick it to them....prove them wrong :) either way you have to have a positive attitude that the Lord has something in store for the both of you for these next 2 years, whatever that may be! i love ya and let me know if you ever need anything :)