My Valentine.

Since it's Valentine's Day, I thought I'd join the rest of the blogosphere and write about my valentine. We celebrated our Valentine's Day last night so that tonight we could take care of Nathan and my nephew Brogden,  and my parents and brother and his wife would go out and enjoy the special day. He took me to the Cheesecake Factory, and then we briefly walked around Temple Square. (Our walk was cut short because...well. I had to pee.) I love spending time with him no matter what we're doing though. 
Read what we did last year here.
 Today is not only Valentine's Day for us; it also marks one and a half years of us being together officially. I couldn't be happier or more grateful to have him in my life. I think God is probably sick of me gushing about how much I love Matthew. haha. He's charming and attractive and spoils me like no other. When really tugs at my heart is how good he is with Nathan. It's always been the most important thing to me, that whomever I date truly cares about Nathan, and Matthew really does. I couldn't even think of anything more to ask in a guy. He's my very best friend.

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?
And do you hate or love the holiday?

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