disclaimer: this is a blog about real life. And my Aunt Flo.

I come into the room and fall on the couch.
"Oh. It must be time for your period," he says. 
----- {No complaining, the title warned you.}

With unerring instinct, he sits on the floor next to the couch and kisses my forehead.
During this time of the month, I do my best not to get emotional or mad at stupid things, 
and he does his best not to push that big red button. 

He hates when girls wear buns on top of their heads,
but today he doesn't mind so much.
[or, at least, he's pretending for my sake.]

We've decided that when he gets off work at 7:00,
frostys and a disc of Friends will be best.
We'll cuddle and hold hands, 
& hopefully he'll be able to take my mind off of my {stomach} that feels like it's being eaten.

& that's another reason why I'm convinced that I'll never find anybody better.

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  1. i love you.

    tell matthew i'm sorry i wear so many flippin buns on my head.