free fun.

Matthew has a hard time looking at the camera sometimes.
 Matthew and I had our date on Thursday this week, because we knew couldn't on the weekend nights. We've been going out so much lately, that we kinda just wanted to do something simple, fun, and free.
So I cooked him up his favorite food and we took it to the park.
It was different from a picnic, because it wasn't picnic food,
but I have to say it was delicious!

There was this other [gross] couple there
(Matthew swears he saw some things on that girl that he'd rather not have seen.)
 but they kept copying everything we were doing, in a way exaggerated, not fun, way at all.
I don't even know how to explain it.
They were just gross and weird.

But the thing about Matthew is,
he doesn't let anyone else ruin anything for him.
So we just had fun anyway, and did our best to ignore them.

The one thing they didn't copy, was when Matthew started singing Train songs in his Asian voice.
Asian Matthew pictured below.
*And that is not meant to be a racial slur.*

Also, I just wanna tell my mama thanks for the girl's night again! We all had so much fun. Shopping,'re the nicest mom in the world. love you!!

How do you guys spend your summer weekends?


  1. looks like you are still having so much fun! We need to double soon! I just spent a summer week in vegas and then the weekend at lava hot springs :) it was so fun! gotta love summer :)

  2. Kalynn you guys are so cute! And you're blog is so fun:)
    Also, I got my blog real messed up and deleted it, then did a new one. So I totally didn't mean to delete you as a follower or anything, but ya. Just letting you know haha:)