Or every other day as of late, actually,
I will half fall asleep while we're watching the Office.
but only halfway. 
And half of me will be awake, 
yearning to keep awake actually,
because Matthew has started singing sweet songs to me.
He may sing for 45 mins.
and say something like, "I've been practicing this one in the shower."
And that's why I'm so happy.

p.s. who watched Glee tonight?
What the heck is Quinn up to?!


  1. man, i love when you talk about glee. it makes me feel not so lame. I LOVE IT! and, all i can say is that i am so glad finn finally man'd up and dumped her! ten points for handsome!

  2. oh your man is so cute.
    you two are adorable.
    i want to watch a movie of you two.

  3. No. Really though. I'm scared for tomorrow.

    Also, you're stunning. It was so good to see you yesterday. Tell Matthew that I'm really not as awkward as he thinks.

    PS You should have come to Sunday school with me...aren't you proud of me for going??