I miss dancing.

ModelMayhem - Copyright Olivia Grabowski-West
^^I've really been feeling a little nostalgic about it lately.^^

Right now I'm watching the boyfriend practice his batting swing while in a towel, cause he just got out of the shower. Let's hope that towel stays where it is, right? 
or not...baha..just kiddin'.

Today I got yelled at for texting during class. "uh-oh ladies and gentlemen, we have a texter in the room! Let's pack it up, missy." I felt like I was in the 8th grade. I mean, it's college--I pay for my education. ( parents loan me money until I can pay them back for my education. but still...) Anywho. Little did she know, I wasn't texting. I was simply playing with the bracelet on my wrist; take that.

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