Temple and days that start with 'T'.

Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to go do baptisms at the
St. George temple with my YSA ward.
Matt and I went down early and had a picnic!

Because it was just too perfect of weather to pass up.

mmm...turkey sandwiches.

me and Matt at temple.

It was so great to go to the temple. I hadn't been in quite sometime and it's something that I've definitely missed.
Which is why I went again today with Berkley and Ashley!

It was really good to catch up with old friends.

**Side note: Who else hated tonight's Glee episode?
Hey. Fatty. Stop calling him "Puckerman." EVERYONE calls him Puck. And being so gross...and fat...I mean come. on. ferr reallzzz?
And honestly're going no where in life.
And ABC FAMILY: No SAM? Oh, no you di'int.. gahh...I did not wait two weeks for THAT.

moving on to my next matter of business:
I totally and completely kicked my Spanish Oral in the butt.

That's all.

Love, Kalynn E.

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  1. kalynn eve. you are adorable. i want to be like you when i grow up.