Go Braves!!

I'm excited for today.
Which is weird, because I have a bunch of crap to do.
Nevertheless, I am going to skip my 11:00 class to spend about 3 hours watching the Braves game with Matthew. 
I love watching the braves with Matt. We spent a lot of time last summer watching them, and I'm so excited that it all begins again today!

Matthew has this dream of, when he has enough money, he going to travel around the country for one month and watch a baseball game in each state with a stadium every day. Of course, some states he'll have to spend a couple of days in, like Atlanta and Boston. But guess what? He's promised to take me with him. :)

I have one disclaimer to make. You may know me as an Indians fan, and I still am! Don't worry. I know they're not super great, and I'm not being a fair-weather fan... I just figure that if I'm going to have to watch every Braves game while the boyfriend is on his mission so that I can tell him all about them, I might as well become a fan now, right? And I really do like Atlanta! My brother Derek went there on his mission! So it's fine. I know that the Indians won't get any worse without me.

So here's a day full of baseball, math, spanish, and history 2700!
Also, I finished Isaiah today, which is SO exciting, seeing as it was the most confusing book in the bible. which is saying something, because the bible is pretty confusing anyway.

Hope your Thursday is excellent! 
Love, Kalynn Eve.

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