2.15.2011 bad is it that the boyfriend and I forgot to take a picture together on Valentine's Day?

{ It ALSO happened to be our 6 months anniversary. :) }

I came home from my classes yesterday to my desk covered in candy hearts,
a bigger chocolate heart,
and a vase of yellow roses.
Yellow is my very most favorite color.
Oh, Matthew. :)
As if this wasn't enough, our date began at 5:00.
We drove down to St. George for a very delicious steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
word of advice: if you've been getting a sirloin, you need to stop and start ordering the New York Strip--so much more flavorful.
Afterward, we drove up the mountain to right by the airport and just sat looking out over the view.
I love that the temple is in the very middle of that city. It's the prettiest thing ever.

Then we went to Julie's house, where I had been earlier that day, so I had some mud pie stashed in her freezer for me and Matthew to enjoy. :)
It said "Happy Valentine's Day" on's hard to write with those stupid frosting things, kay?! Julie says it looked more like "Happy Valentine's Dovy." FAIL.
Oh well.
Do you want to know what this perfect kid and I did next?
We drove up to the Santa Clara Park.
No one was there.
:) Perfect.
At this park there is a big pavilion, and under half of the pavilion is a stage.
candles. music.--our songs.
we lit the candles, turned on our playlist, and danced on the stage.
It was dark outside, no one else was there.
It was the type of moment where all you could hear was darkness and the music.
It was perfect.

I'm dying to hear all of your stories. Tell me!
Love, Kalynn Eve.


  1. oh my gosh kalynn. cutest thing i've ever heard. i'm so happy for you and it was so good to see you on sunday :)

  2. K wow that was beautiful haha I love you two so much!!

  3. Wow. That sounds like a perfect date. :D So cute kay, You two are adorable!

  4. What a nice boy! He is a gooood one Kalynn. Want to know what I did? My single sister and myself went to dinner together! DATE NIGHT. It twas great. Love you. Miss you. Want to see you. Bye.

  5. ...and I should be preparing for one of the biggest events of my life by finishing work and school so that I can be free to push a baby out. But I can't help but visit your blog when we don't talk enough. Even when we see each other twice in one week, because there are just too many people around for you and I to have some quality time.

    So I read instead of call because I'm a goober. And this sounds very much like an evening to remember that you had with Matthew, my sweet sis! Julie is so lucky that you're close. You too are lucky, the Walters are the best!

    This was the adventure of the day that we had: We were both down and out with colds. And Nolan knows how much I want to be ready for the baby, and he also wants to make the day special for me. So he spent time as he has the past few weeks doing some nice odds and ends for me. Then because I didn't feel so good, we canceled our nice dinner reservations that he made for us earlier. And a little later, we went to Costa Vida instead and ate in a corner all by ourselves and it was just as romantic as eating at The Elements.

    It was the best valentines day we have had yet, because it is the most love we have felt so far.

    So I was just thinking that I can't wait for you to be an aunt to my baby! And then you can come visit us and it will be so much fun! Love ya!

  6. why are you guys always so cutee?!?!

  7. oh my. oh my. could you two be any C U T E R ? seriously. adorable.