New Year's Eve Eve.

It is a long-time held Petersen tradition that
every New Year's Eve Eve we play a game of Monopoly.
The WHOLE way through.

We began the game with nine of us, and it was a struggle clean until the end.
I was determined not to lose this year.
After all, I hadn't won since the year 2005.
That was the year we played the Star Wars version of Monopoly.
But this year, I wanted to take home that trophy.

Matt's game piece from the Lord of the Rings version, with the hat on it...

So the game continues getting narrowed down
further and further as everyone's destruction
comes into the hands of either my dad or myself.
We were the last two in the standings.

I had most of the properties...

But he had a LOT of money.
He'd land on my property; pay me $2,050.
I'd land on his property; pay him $1,500.

And so the game continued until it was 1:45 in the morning.

And sadly, my tired body got the best of me.
I told my dad that I would give up, and let him win.

And so, the night ended. With my dad as the champion of Monopoly 2010.

Just wait till I get him next year.

--your friend-who-gave-up-and-placed-second,
Kalynn Eve.

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