LISTEN. to this.

When I came home for Thanksgiving break two weeks ago, I had a grand time going BLACK FRIDAY shopping with my mama.
I knew I was in need of a new bra, so we walked ourselves right over to Victoria's, where they sell the best bras in the United States.
Nay, the WORLD.
When we made our purchase, they told us that since we had spent over $10.00 they were going to give us a SECRET gift card. This card WILL have at least $10.00, but it COULD have $50.00, $100.00, or even $500.00 on it. But it's a secret. No one can know how much is on that baby until December 1st. And you have to use it before December 19th.
Oh man. This kills me.
You gotta realize,
That place rocks my socks.
{I've just been thinking...GIRLS: don't you hate it when guys call our underwear "panties"? I do.}
so I get home for Christmas break on Friday.
I have a whole, entire month home, by the way. no classes again until January 10th. just sayin'.
So YESTERDAY, I need to finish just one person for Christmas shopping. mama.
but after I pick up her present, I get all excited.
It is finally time to see how much is on my secret Victoria's Secret gift card.
You see, to me, even $10.00 off is a glorious thing to celebrate!
So I find some things I like, and I take them up to the register and hand them my card.
Matthew's with me, kind of awkward I know, but this thing has to be spent before the 19th and who knows if I'll make it to the mall again before then.
we wait, anxiously, as the lady fidgets with my card.
She looks confused.
Matt and I both think I've only got the $10.00 one.
but then she says
"Oh!! Yours had $100.00 on it!!"
$100.00 free spending dollars at Victoria's Secret.
I was freaking out. And everyone in the store heard and they were pretty happy for me too, all clapping and everything. I EVEN got some whistles.

Oh, Victoria. You sure know how to make a girl's day.

I hope you're all having a great Christmas season. Can I just tell you that I am?
Already this year I've listen to tons of Christmas music, set up decorations, made snowflakes, drunk hot chocolate, eaten candy canes, kissed under a mistletoe, slow danced under a mistletoe, AND Matthew's family let me come with them to pick out a real Christmas tree! from an actual Christmas Tree Lot! I'd never done it before! And we found the perfect one, big and full. And I helped strap it to the van and then set it up in the house.

especially when it includes good deals like the one at Victoria's Secret.

(Picture a big smile from me to you.)

Love, Kay.


  1. I am SO incredibly jealous. I love shopping at Vickie's.

  2. Kay. This literally made me laugh out loud. I love you so much. And miss you. Can we play over break?
    Love Laur

  3. This post made me so happy! Sadly I have taken to getting all of my bras at Target. I suddenly have the very strong urge to go shopping at Victorias Secret this break, and get me an awesome Bra. haha I'm jealous of you and your Christmas festivities. I've done none of that. Just studied. And I still have another week left. Blast BYU. But have fun in AF! Merry Christmas, and I miss you! :)

  4. Haha you're so funny! They just did that secret card thing again, and I got two cards, and both were worth only $10. I was kinda sad haha :) I miss you, let's hang out. :)