I love the Stinky Cheese Man storybook.

But that really has nothing to do with this post.
Except for the fact that he really should be made out of gingerbread,
and last night Matthew and I made gingerbread houses.
more like...House. slash mansion with a garden area in the middle?
and it wasn't made out of gingerbread as much as it was out of graham crackers and sixlets...
basically all we had to use was leftover halloween candy from my mother's piano candy basket. But hey, if you think staying up until 12:30 making a giant graham cracker house with your boyfriend is great,
then you'd believe me when I say that I had a great t

p.s. don't be surprised if this ends up on your doorstep.

Love, Kay.

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  1. k you guys are sickeningly cute! i still haven't even met him kay! come to stg and visit :(