One Month. :)

I think it's cute when Matthew says, "Kalynn, guess what Tuesday is?"

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure.
  1. i didn't recognize that it was going to be the 14th.

  2. I didn't think HE would recognize that it was going to be the 14th.

  3. I didn't know people cared about one single month.

but it was a splendid little celebration.

I got ready and then when Matt arrived to pick me up, Kelsey was a good mommy and took pictures of us as we were leaving. :) I love Kelsey!!

We drove to St. George so that we could go eat at Outback. The food was DEE-LISH-OUS. like. really. SO good. Usually, I'm more of a steak-well-done kind of girl, but Matthew said I needed to try it a little rarer. and it's true what they say! The steak is juicier when it's more rare! was fantastic.

Our waitress was a cute lady who every five seconds said "I'll be right back!" haha..we didn't feel neglected at all. I liked her.

On our way out of Outback, we noticed a Rue 21 right next door! and that's Matt's favorite store. So, of course, being the spontaneous people that we are, we had to stop by and purchase him a couple of shirts and a jacket. hah.

and then we came back to my house (my dorm...) and ate the mud pie that I made! I like making food for Matt, cause then he thinks I'm a chef. :)

It was a really great night. oh and guess what else! Papa invited me and Matthew to his fancy work Gala! And while I've been every year, this will be Matt's first time and also...david Archuletta is singing at it! haha. I don't know any of his songs..but Matt does! plus, I hear he's quite good. So I can't say that I'm not excited for that.

Guys...I'm really lucky.

matthew's really good to me.




  1. Sounds like fun! Love you... sweetie. You looked beautiful and Matt looked good. MOm

  2. oh my goshhhh that's so cuteee :) kalynn i freaking love your face and i love how cute you and matt are together :)