A weekend to blog about.

Have you ever been on a cream soda run? It's what me and one of my very best friends Matthew Dono Finn do best. Only this time, after we got our cream soda, we drank two bottles, and saved four for later when the other two matts would be joining us. Then the four of us went to Krispy Kremes to get a dozen doughnuts! They were splendidly delicious.
The only problem was..
was that doughnuts AND cream soda is a lot fillage for the stomach. So. I could only eat 1 doughnut, mattfinn could only eat 1, and matt ludlow could eat three, but that still left seven of our dozen doughnuts, so we planned to take the rest home. Upon reaching home, however, we discovered that we had left them on the table at the bakery. :( Sad stuff.

Saturday was such a good day. I woke up at 5:30 and headed to Matt's house because Saturday was the Annual Memorial Bike Ride for (Matthew's deceased father) Gary Ludlow. His dad used to be a pro biker. Bicyclist? Really though. Once, he barely got cut from the Olympics. BARELY. I guess the turn out wasn't as good as last years, but this is only the second year they've done it. Once the word spreads that they'll be doing it every year, more people will join in. I'm sure of it. It's a beautiful trail that goes around Payson. The only catch's 50 miles long. I was a little bit worried about this 50 mile ride..cause..well. I wanted to be supportive of this very dear friend of mine, but.. 50 miles is no joke. Luckily/sadly I don't have a road bike. I only have a mountain bike, and supposedly you shouldn't go on bike rides on the road unless you have a road bike. So I got to be the support crew! And I drove behind the 12 bikers with Matthew's mother in the van making signs that said "You're good!!" And "keep going!" and listening to Relient K. We had a good time talking and stuff..She's one of my favorite ladies on the planet. Seriously. You should meet her. And even though I didn't get to ride a bike, I still got to wear Matthew's legit biking shirt! see?
{I like that kid a lot.}....

Basically, it was fun and I felt productive and I had a really great time!

It was a good last weekend at home. I can't believe I only have 4 days left in Pleasant Grove..

As always,

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  1. How could you leave a box of donuts, I don't get it? The race is such a good idea. An awesome memorial for Matt's dad. I love the shirt, and you guys look super cute.